Trailer Reactions: ‘Solo,’ ‘Venom,’ ‘Deadpool’ and more!

While the majority of the country is still feeling the chilly effects of winter, Hollywood wants to remind you that summertime is not that far away. This week alone, we have seen a great deal of brand new trailers for highly anticipated blockbusters. Whether or not they hit the right mark is up to the individual viewer, but there’s no doubt that everyone is talking about these films. So here’s what I think about what’s in store in the very near future.

May 25

In the second installment of the Star Wars Anthology films, a young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) embarks on a pre-Skywalker adventure with companions Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) and more. The music of the trailer gives it a bit of a rock star feel, which helps to separate it from the main series. But there’s no one like Harrison Ford, so it remains to be seen how much this new version of Han will be accepted by audiences. The glimpses of him we see in this trailer are…okay, but I’m hoping the action as a whole (those tentacles!) will help us forget how much we miss the O.G.

“Untitled Deadpool Sequel”
May 18

Josh Brolin makes his debut as Cable, a time-traveling mutant warrior with an extensive history alongside Deadpool in the comics, which were lauded for the combination of action and humor. For this sequel, I was primarily concerned with how well the filmmakers would be able to do that balance. What made the original film work so well was its role as almost a sendup of superhero movie tropes. But this trailer has managed to absolutely nail that balance, which gives me hope that this second film (which, for the record, I hope never has an official title) will become more like its superhero brethren while still giving us gut-busting laughter.

October 5

This is Sony’s first major attempt at creating their own string of spinoff Marvel character films from the Spider-Man universe, with Tom Hardy starring as the popular title character. The Venom Symbiote is alien sentient known to bond with other beings, in this case a human. But what’s a bit tricky about this trailer is that the symbiote is nowhere to be found. The entire clip is completely absent of any image of what the suit will eventually look like. It’s an interesting choice to make, and sure, this is supposed to be just a teaser trailer, but it plays more like an announcement, potentially leaving fans with a negative taste in their mouths for the time being.

July 13

Dwayne Johnson stars as a disable war veteran who assesses security for skyscrapers. While visiting the tallest one in the world, he finds himself in the middle of an attack on it and looks to stop those responsible while also saving his family, who are also trapped in the skyscraper. Outside of the Fast and Furious series, most of Johnson’s work in the past few years has been in comedic roles. This film will actually be his second in this year alone after the upcoming Rampage in April. But no matter what type of role he’s playing, Johnson just seems to fit in naturally–he’s Forbes Magazine’s second wealthiest actor for a reason. So despite how simplistic the story may look, I expect Skyscraper to do just as well as San Andreas did in 2015.

Mission: Impossible — Fallout
July 27

The sixth installment of the franchise features the same writer and director of the previous film, Rogue Nation, and once again stars Tom Cruise along with Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin, Henry Cavill’s mustache, and many more. Following yet another mission that has ended badly, Cruise’s Ethan Hunt finds himself in the crosshairs of both the enemy and the CIA. Although nothing will ever top the amazing stunt of Cruise’s hanging on the side of an airplane, this trailer and film is packed to the brim with enough action to keep us coming back.

Which films are you excited to see? Or are some trailers having you second guessing spending your money? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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