First Impression: Weezer – “Beach Boys”

Rivers Cuomo and company have made many attempts to make pop songs that fit with current trends. Some have worked greatly (“Beverly Hills”) while others have left listeners with a big WTF. (See that mess they did with Lil Wayne.) But most of them have floated somewhere in between, leaving fans greatly divided on what exactly their sound should be. Devotees of Weezer’s heavier, ’90s alternative albums would prefer for them to stay in that lane, despite the 20 years’ difference in time. However, “Beach Boys”, from the upcoming album Pacific Daydream (out October 27th), is one of the most modern sounding songs they’ve ever released, ditching power chords for a plucky guitar line and reverberated, spacy vocals complete with the trademark Rivers quirk. (“It’s a hip-hop world/And we’re the furniture.”) There’s no doubt that it’s a good song by today’s standards. The real question here is whether or not you actually want Weezer to be in today’s music world.

What do you think of “Beach Boys”? Are you grooving along, or would you prefer something closer to “Say It Ain’t So”? Let me know in the comments below!

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